The Best and Most Valuable Color of Ruby

World Corundum's Blog

Rubies can be found in many shades of red, with hints of purple, orange or pink, to deep red.

The most desirable rubies are generally those with an intense red color. The closer the color comes to a pure hue without other color tints, the rarer and more valuable the ruby is. Those vivid red Burmese rubies are well known with the term Pigeon s blood color

However which is best is a subjective matter and even experts disagree on what is best, and personal preference is important.

Each color and shade elicits its own set of emotions, and the best color is simply a matter of personal preference.

In the more complicated matter, sometimes, the same ruby can look different in different lighting. Also in each country the ruby might show a little different shade. From our selling experience, customers from different countries generally prefer different shades of Ruby.

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