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Denver, CO – June 17-19, 2011 – The International Gem & Jewelry Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart provides an exciting opportunity to shop the largest selection of jewelry at the lowest prices available.  From $5.00 to $500,000 – there is something for everyone!

The Denver gem & jewelry show is one of the best exhibitions of gems, minerals and jewelry in the world. The show features one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, exotic gems, beads, pearls, exquisite fine jewelry, estate collections and much more.  With over 300 booths, people of all ages will find deep discounts and an amazing variety of beautiful jewelry to compliment this summer’s fashions. We offer convenience, selection and value, all in one place. 

SPECIAL EXHIBIT- FEATURED PRESENTATION: In conjunction with the International Gem & Jewelry Show, “Shipwreck Treasures from the Deep” Exhibit and Sale arrives in Denver for an exciting and limited showing. Located within the jewelry show, this unique spectacle features Spanish “pieces of eight”, gold doubloons, gold and silver bars and artifacts recovered from over thirty shipwrecks found around the world. 

“Some of these artifacts are being shown to the public for the very first time,” states Mel King, maritime artifact expert. “Ships were traveling the world loaded with treasures and were lost due to storms, poor navigation and pirates. As a result we are able to open a window into the past and learn from these incredible pieces of history.” 

The 80-foot exhibit traces artifacts from Cortez and the Conquistadors in the 1500’s to $20 gold pieces from steam ships in the mid-1800’s. Over thirty shipwrecks are represented. The centerpieces of the exhibit are an important one-of-a-kind 23K gold and emerald pendant that is thought to be created for Spanish nobility, a five pound half sphere of solid 23K gold.  Both sank in 1715 off the coast of Florida. The c.1650’s astrolabe is only one of four known in the world from the shipwreck Sacramento.

The exhibit also features Spanish Colonial silver “Pieces of 8” and “Gold Doubloons” that were minted between 1540-1750 in Potosi, Mexico City and Lima, Peru, Chinese porcelain from southeast Asia wrecks, jewelry, cannon balls, brass nested weights and other items that were used in everyday life and on the ships.


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SHOW SPECIAL: GEMS4LESS recently acquired the inventory of a large, fine jewelry store that went out of business and they are offering their customers liquidation prices for their entire stock.  Visit their booth #911 at the show – TANZANITE, EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE, and DIAMOND rings, earrings and pendants all at SHOW SPECIAL prices.  These prices are valid only during the show and quantities are limited with many one-of-a-kind pieces!   FREE LOUPE with a $250 purchase at their booth #507 print this copy to redeem.

ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL GEM & JEWELRY SHOW: The International Gem & Jewelry Show (Intergem) was founded 44 years ago by Herbert A. Duke. The company produces over ninety gem and bead shows each year, in cities across the country. It is one of the few shows of its kind open to the public, with a small section dedicated to professional jewelers, artists and others involved full-time in the jewelry-making trade. Intergem is based in Rockville, Maryland.

SHOW INFO & DISCOUNTS: Friday noon-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. One low ticket price for the entire weekend: $8.00. See local papers for coupons and special offers. Don’t miss it! VISIT our NEW WEBSITE – for details – click on the event details page for $2.00 off coupon. New Show Policy: CHILDREN 8 & UNDER NOT PERMITTED. 

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