Do you want new customers? Do you want to sell more product? Do you want to make more money?
YES, YES, and YES…Of course you do!

Join our Intergem exhibitor team!
Intergem has been “Sparkling” for 44 Years! With over ninety shows a year, we offer our exhibitors a vast geographic choice along with an amazing array of venues in top cities all across the country. Intergem’s customers (your new customers) are loyal and visit our shows, time and time again. Customers eagerly await our direct mail pieces and email blasts to alert them to upcoming events. Now is the time to join us!

For the first chosen event city, new exhibitors will receive a special mention in our opt-in customer email blast, in the press release and on the website on the chosen event city page. (The mention includes three lines describing type or jewelry sold, price-points, company information etc – $250 value.)

For a complete list of upcoming shows, to view contracts and for more information – visit our website – or contact our customer service department – 301-294-1640 or


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